Engage and empower through giving

Because women reinvest 90% of their earnings in their families, unlocking potential for women and girls starts a ripple effect in entire communities.

Why devote a foundation to women and girls?

In a perfect world, equal opportunity would ensure equal outcomes; but we are all not the same. When we fairly account for our differences and needs, we create equity — and equity is the means to achieving equality.

Whether we are looking at education, economic security, health, crime and safety, or another issue, we can ask: what are women and girls’ distinct challenges and needs? Aurora works to meet those distinct needs to improve social and economic opportunities and outcomes for women, their families and community.

Why should men and women and businesses and nonprofit agencies support women and girls, specifically?

When we create the conditions and means for women and girls to seize opportunity, we create immediate and sustained financial benefit. It’s good economics as well as good ethics.

As we see it, and as the research convinces us, gender equity affects all of us. That’s why men and women, nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations with a stake in the Hartford area stand with us: Our community is healthier when we work together.

Although women and their children make up nearly 80% of our nation’s poor—and the numbers grow each year—less than 7.5 cents of every dollar donated by organized philanthropy goes to programs that specifically address the needs of women and girls.

The data shows significant economic and social benefits to the larger community when women are productive contributors. Healthy, educated, and secure women increase the quality, size and productivity of the overall workforce, tax base, and community capacity.

Research and experience prove that “neutral” programs are less effective than programs that consider the nuanced needs of the people they serve.

In other words, effective social strategies take into account that one size does not fit all. The needs and opportunities of women are distinct, and so their solutions should be too.

What makes the Aurora Foundation a great way to invest in our region’s future?

Thousands of nonprofit organizations provide valuable services in Greater Hartford. As a donor, how do you decide where to invest?

Invest with purpose. Invest with confidence.

The Aurora Foundation simplifies donor decision-making. We deeply understand the needs and potential of the region’s women and girls. As careful stewards, we identify both the problems and the groups working to solve them.

Knowing the issues means we can target the issues. Knowing our community means we can explore programs and agencies to uncover the ones with proven results or innovative approaches that show the most promise.

Through Aurora, you can make a thoughtful and strategic investment that will make an immediate difference to women and girls in need, collectively address systemic issues in our community, and build a better future for generations to come.

Aurora advances local collaboration, investment, and impact. We are the only freestanding foundation in Connecticut focused exclusively on the needs of women and girls.

Your generosity becomes a legacy of civic leadership.

With social awareness and investment, you will help move women and girls into self-sufficiency and on to community involvement and leadership. You can unlock their potential, and in turn, the potential of our communities.

Since 2004, the Aurora Foundation has distributed over $760,000 in grants that have made a difference to thousands of women and girls in our region. You can make a difference, too, with your contribution.