Aurora Women's Giving Circle

The 2017 Aurora Women’s Giving Circle recently voted to award a grant to the Family Life Education’s Crianza con Carino Program which aims to improve parental practices in the home and to emphasize positive discipline and engagement between parents and their children.  The next Women’s Giving Circle will convene in early 2018.

Background about women’s giving circles

Since the 1990s American women have collaborated to create change through giving circles: change in the way women approach philanthropy and change in the world around them. By connecting with one another, the participants become thoughtful philanthropists who collaborate to assume responsibility to leave the world a better place.

Decades later, founding members remain committed to their giving circle causes. They continue to use the control they have found over their lives to go forward confidently and courageously with their philanthropy. At the Aurora Foundation we celebrate their dynamic entrepreneurial leadership, and we proudly support our giving circle each year to contribute to positive change for women and girls in Greater Hartford.

How Aurora’s giving circle works

The Women’s Giving Circle is a group of individuals who pool their resources, work collaboratively, and through a democratic process grant money to one or more worthy organizations supporting women and girls.

Individuals who sign up to participate each contribute $500 (this can be paid in installments). Half of that sum is earmarked for the grant making pool of funds and the other half supports circle workshops and operating and administrative expenses related to Aurora’s mission.  During scheduled meetings, the members will work together to define their personal philanthropic goals, discuss objectives, identify potential grantees, learn how to evaluate grant proposals and finally, decide which proposals to fund.

Membership is one year in duration.  At the end of the year, participants may opt to renew membership in the circle, or to simply use their new understanding to become more effective donors to the organizations they support.

Please contact us to join the next Women’s Giving Circle, set to convene in January 2018.

Interested in the Aurora Foundation’s next giving circle?