Empowering Women and Girls

The Aurora Foundation sprang into life to empower women and girls in Greater Hartford—and through them to empower their families and communities.

An undeniable ripple effect occurs when a woman attains economic stability and personal wellbeing. She doesn’t just benefit herself; she can better care for her family and contribute to her community.

  • Aurora practices a strategic form of giving. By definition, that means we look for barriers that prevent families and communities from unlocking their potential and we fund programs intended to remove those obstacles.
  • Our strategy requires in-depth understanding of the issues: our knowledge gives us the power to identify the key challenges and target them.
  • Our approach calls for community and collaboration. Together we work to improve conditions for women, girls, and their families. Our numbers, our diversity, and our shared knowledge empower us to make change.
  • With the 2016 grants, the Aurora Foundation has allocated nearly half a million dollars in grants in the Hartford area since 2004. That’s concrete empowerment of more than 3500 women and girls, their families, and their communities through more than four dozen organizations.
  • When we pool our resources we amplify the individual’s power to effect change. Together we can make a bigger difference in our region.