Empowering Women and Girls


On Lisa’s first day of “Launch Your Leadership Journey,” a college success program offered at Asnuntuck Community College, where she attended school, she was too nervous to even say her name. Lisa is a survivor of domestic violence, which she kept secret until this program helped her realize that breaking her silence was crucial to her success and to breaking the stigma for other women. Lisa had been isolated, “I didn’t know anything about the world!” She found a community in the all-female program. Now she is a role model for new women in the program, but even more importantly for her daughter, who has recently enrolled at Asnuntuck.


When Laura began the YW Career Women program, an Aurora funded women’s college success program offered through the YWCA Hartford Region, she knew that school was her way to a better life. Barely able to support her family, Laura worked two jobs, was a devoted mom and a full-time student in the demanding nursing program at Capital Community College, all at the same time.  The coaching she received through the YW Career Women program helped her plan her schedule, connect to campus resources and work towards her three goals: have a successful career, an independent identity and financial stability.  Laura graduated with honors from the Capital Community College nursing program and now works at a Hartford-area dialysis clinic.  But Laura hasn’t just changed her own life. She’s a role model for her daughter, who started taking college-level business classes in high school, was chosen for a prestigious national student business conference and landed a coveted internship with a top local corporation.


Emoinee a participant in Goodwin College’s WISE program (Women Investing in Securing an Education) was thrilled for the chance to attend a national student leadership conference.  This experience changed her life and she returned to campus with more confidence, new friendships and a commitment to finishing her bachelor’s degree.  Dephtany was nervous to be a panelist at Aurora’s Women’s College Success Conference in September but overcame her fear and was proud of herself for taking the risk.  And then there is Tracey who founded a food pantry at her community college, a social action project she took on as a participant in Asnuntuck Community College’s Launch Your Leadership Journey, a leadership program for students attending either Asnuntuck or Tunxis Community College.  The food pantry now serves 300 students a month and Tracey has set an inspiring example for the girls that will follow her.