Learning through research

Knowing the issues and the facts puts us in a better position to act as catalysts for change. That’s why the Aurora Foundation commissioned the first comprehensive report assessing the condition and needs of women and girls in Greater Hartford. The details in the report inform Aurora’s grants program—and anyone working to improve conditions in our area.

Summaries of the Aurora Report resulting from the research conducted in 2013-2014 are free and available for use with attribution. We welcome the opportunity to speak to groups about the research.
We hope you will use the report to educate yourself, your family, your group, and your community.

Learning by example

The Aurora Foundation practices targeted grantmaking, and we hope to teach others the value of philanthropy that addresses obstacles to the development of our communities.

We seek out teens and adult philanthropists who serve as great examples of this kind of giving. We honor these fine models and share their stories.

As we work together to better the lives of our women and girls, it will become clear how our efforts impact our region. We hope others take notice and look to replicate our efforts where they live.

Learning by doing, together

The more women who develop the skills and passion for philanthropy, the greater the potential in our community to effect change. There’s one simple way to broaden the base of funding for women and girls: increase the number of informed, skilled donors who are women, and increase their confidence in making larger donations.

A proven path to increase numbers of effective donors is for women to come together in an annual grantmaking cooperative, sometimes called a giving circle. Each year Aurora sponsors a giving circle, which starts in the spring.