Learning through research

In 2014 the Aurora Foundation commissioned the Aurora Report, the first report of its kind offering groundbreaking research on the status of women and girls in Greater Hartford.  In 2018, in partnership with CWEALF (Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund), updated research was released in the gender focused areas of Philanthropy, Economic Security, Education, College Success and Leadership. This data is a critical resource for individuals or organizations who wish to better inform their programming needs, support funding requests or implement new services to positively impact women and girls.

Complete research snapshots are available for public use and can be accessed through the link below or by calling 860.881.4926.  Additional research updates are planned for 2019.

Learning by example

The Aurora Foundation practices targeted grantmaking, and we hope to teach others the value of philanthropy that addresses obstacles to the development of our communities.  As we work together to better the lives of Greater Hartford’s women and girls, it will become clear how our efforts impact our region. We hope others take notice and look to replicate our efforts where they live.  We are proud to have partnered with each of the organizations we have supported.

Learning through Philanthropy

The Aurora Foundation convenes an annual Women’s Giving Circle where women experience the power of personal philanthropy through a member-based collaborative grantmaking process.  This experience offers a deep dive into the needs within a specific focus area around women and girls, culminating in a grant award to a local nonprofit voted on by the group.  LEARN MORE

Aurora engages men in the power of philanthropy through its Annual 100 Men’s Campaign.  Now entering its fourth year, this campaign brings together male community leaders who learn the importance of supporting better opportunities for women and girls.  In 2018, more than 100 men donated a combined total of $27,000 in support of Aurora’s mission, the highest amount raised by this campaign in its history.  LEARN MORE

Read Our Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Report provides a detailed synopsis of our accomplishments, impact, events, grantees and community support.  We hope you will check it out.